VRAD turns 7 in 2022

Though only a dream on a garage computer seven years ago, when our founder Jan Carlo DeFan was about to retire, he turned VRAD Research into a state of the art, one of a kind research and development firm before retiring.


VRAD Research is an engineering firm that focusses on R&D in the field of physics, specifically sound modulation & manipulation for Military & Aerospace applications through device volume reduction and acoustic deintensification in the detonation and propulsion of both supersonic and subsonic projectiles.

VRAD Research is contracted to 07/02 Federal Firearms Licensed manufacturers with Class 2 SOT status that are in compliance with the State Department DDTC's (Directorate of Defense Trade Controls) ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations).


Jan Carlo DeFan (born December 26, 1977, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico) is an American researcher in the field of aural response, spatial auditory design and acoustic engineering specifically Acoustic Computer Modeling & Simulation (ACMS) of supersonic and subsonic projectile detonation.

Our founder had retired from his earlier career as a record producer, executive and educator and enjoyed his time as a philanthropist (which he still does as an avid outdoorsman supporting first responders who work and serve in the wilderness of the North Western United States & Canada). Mr. DeFan was the first President of the International Association of Music Colleges and Universities (www.iamcu.net) and the former Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Fermatta University Center (www.fermatta.university).

Mr. DeFan founded VRAD Research in 2015 and established in late 2017 and is now retired leaving VRAD in young, hungry and skillful hands that are capable of taking our research center to now only unimaginable destinations of discovery.

Mr. DeFan resides in a forest somewhere near Canada's Rocky Mountains with his wife and children, living off the land and tending to their livestock.