At the Fermatta University Center we have a different approach when it comes to admitting student prospects.

This is a BIG decision in your life. One of the most important that you and your parents or guardians will ever make. One of the most important reasons to get a bachelor degree is to better your chances of getting a good job. That is VERY important to us and it should be to you. Because most college educations are so expensive, it's important for you and your parents or guardians to see a good return on your and their investment not only monetarily but also investment in the time you will put in to get your degree.

Therefore it is important that we, you and us, are a right fit. The admissions process is free of charge. If we're not the right fit, we don't want to waste your time or valuable resources.

We are NOT looking for the best player, songwriter, arranger, composer or producer to come study here. We ARE looking for the hardest working, most disciplined students who want success after graduation.

1. Please send us your High School Transcript, we do NOT care about the SAT, PSAT or ACT score. It is your attendance and performance in class during your time in High School we take into account.

2. Please provide us with an essay with the following points:

A. Why you want to be a professional musician, composer, sound engineer, producer or music business professional.
B. Why you love music.
C. Your first memory of music as a child.
D. The top five musicians, bands or artists that inspire you the most today.
E. Why you think the Fermatta University Center is the right fit for you.
F. Why you think the Fermatta University Center should admit you as a student.

3. Please provide us with a  video or audio recording of your music. We are not judging talent, we just want to know more about you. We only want to hear one or two songs.

4. Should you pass the first 3 steps, you will have a video interview with an English speaking admissions counselor for your final approval.

To begin the admissions process, click here.