Educational Tourism - edu-tourism - getting the best education for your future at an affordable price.

It is a sad fact that institutions of higher learning in many first world countries have lost sight of their reason for existence - to prepare students to succeed and excel after graduation.

Not only do these institutions fail to adequately prepare students for the realities of the commercial world they must eventually face, they have become prohibitively expensive. Today’s parents and students increasingly find that a superior educational experience can be had at more affordable cost by looking to schools outside their home countries.

The college or university culture in Mexico differs greatly from what is commonly encountered in the U.S. and many European countries. In the Latin culture, higher education (bachelor's and master's programs) are seen as the serious preparatory steps towards a successful career, and our institution agrees. While we revel in the joy of learning, this is NOT a “party school.”

Our programs are demanding and are considered some of the most stringent (and rewarding) courses of instruction in the world today. To meet this challenge requires a student who has the desire to learn and a thirst for success. If you’re expecting the modern “college experience” where academics are not the primary focus, this is not the institution for you. We expect our students to put in the effort in the classroom, as well as the additional time after classes that is required for you to succeed in the professional world after graduation.