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The Fermatta Music University Center - Latin America’s first contemporary music college - is now the largest and most prestigious institution of its kind. With campuses in Mexico City and Guadalajara, Fermatta Music University Center offers four, four-year Bachelor's Degree programs, in addition to five, two-year Master's Degree programs, all fully accredited by the Secretariat of Public Education in Mexico. Now celebrating its 26th year, Fermatta Music University Center has graduated some of Latin America’s biggest music superstars, who have accumulated awards including more than 80 Grammys, Latin Grammys, Oscars and Cannes Film Festival Awards. The academic programs at Fermatta Music University Center are considered some of the most demanding, advanced and technologically up-to-date in the entertainment field today. Regardless of a student’s desired field of specialization within the music business, the critical, fundamental skills of the trade are emphasized. All graduates are expected to achieve proficiency in sight reading, ear training, instrument performance, composition, sound engineering, music production and music business fundamentals. At Fermatta, mastery of these skills is considered mandatory, not merely preferential for graduation.

Four-year Bachelor's degree programs in the Fermatta Music University Center:
Bachelor's in Sound Engineering and Music Production
Bachelor's in Contemporary Music Composition
Bachelor's in Music Performance
Bachelor's in Music and Entertainment Business

Two-year Master's degree programs in Fermatta Music University Center:
Master's in Sound Design for Film, Television, Video Games and Internet Sound
Master's in International Music and Entertainment Business

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Online Education

Profesional Certifications Online!


Profesional Certification in Sound Engineering and Music Production
Profesional Certification in Contemporary Music Composition

Starts January 7th, 2023!

Merit Based Scholarship Programs for International Students.

We at the Fermatta University Center for Music believe that every motivated student deserves a high level education. Therefore, we offer a merit-based Scholarship Program for international students.

We employ a simple high-school grade system which recognizes the value of your previous educational achievements by proportionally discounting our already extremely affordable tuition. At Fermatta, scholastic excellence is always rewarded!

Our standard tuition per semester is $3,900 USD.
Our student enrollment fee is $449 USD.
Our student re-enrollment fee for a new semester is $299 USD.

If your general high-school grade average was A+, we are pleased to grant you a 30% scholarship. Therefore your tuition for the semester would be reduced to $2,730 USD, plus enrollment fee or your new semester re-enrollment fee, should you be graduating to a new semester.

Similarly, a high-school grade average of:

A or A− earns for you a 25% Scholarship, reducing your semester’s tuition to $2,925 USD, plus fees.

B+, B or B− earns for you a 20% Scholarship, reducing your semester’s tuition to $3,120 USD, plus fees.

C+, C or C- earns for you a 15% Scholarship, reducing your semester’s tuition to $3,315 USD, plus fees.

D+ earns for you a 10% Scholarship, reducing your semester’s tuition to $3,510 USD, plus fees.
Educational Tourism - edu-tourism - getting the best education for your future at an affordable price.

It is a sad fact that institutions of higher learning in many first world countries have lost sight of their reason for existence - to prepare students to succeed and excel after graduation.

Not only do these institutions fail to adequately prepare students for the realities of the commercial world they must eventually face, they have become prohibitively expensive. Today’s parents and students increasingly find that a superior educational experience can be had at more affordable cost by looking to schools outside their home countries.

The college or university culture in Mexico differs greatly from what is commonly encountered in the U.S. and many European countries. In the Latin culture, higher education (bachelor's and master's programs) are seen as the serious preparatory steps towards a successful career, and our institution agrees. While we revel in the joy of learning, this is NOT a “party school.”

Our programs are demanding and are considered some of the most stringent (and rewarding) courses of instruction in the world today. To meet this challenge requires a student who has the desire to learn and a thirst for success. If you’re expecting the modern “college experience” where academics are not the primary focus, this is not the institution for you. We expect our students to put in the effort in the classroom, as well as the additional time after classes that is required for you to succeed in the professional world after graduation.

Merit Based Scholarship Programs for International Students

Four year Bachelor's degree programs at the Fermatta Music University Center

Bachelor's in Sound Engineering & Music Production Bachelor's in Contemporary Music Composition Bachelor's in Music Performance Bachelor's in Music & Entertainment Business

Important points which distinguish our institution:

We understand that our reputation is dependent upon the success of our graduates in the the real world of the modern global entertainment industry. The student’s contribution towards this mutual goal is diligence in studies, our role is to faithfully meet our responsibility to provide the needed educational tools. We do not take this responsibility lightly.

1. Our educational programs are subject to continuous updating and modernization. Our board of director’s academic liaison office is charged with the constant scrutiny of our programs, to incorporate the latest advances in technology, international music laws and global music and entertainment business trends.

We take pride In equipping our students to prosper in the music business world into which they will graduate, not the business model that existed when they enrolled.

2. Few of our academic faculty have tenure, and all must pass a stringent four-hour exam each semester. We encourage their continuing personal education in new technological advances and international music law updates. We also monitor growth in their personal music and engineering skills. A lifelong zeal for learning is the hallmark of the best educators, and we are proud to note that many of our faculty are graduates of our institution.

3. Perhaps no field of endeavor is as fluid as today’s entertainment and music business. The impact of digital technology and the influence of the new global marketplace have brought about rapid change. Also, you may find your goals as a professional musician subject to change over time. We strive to equip you with a skillset which will prove adaptable both to inevitable changes in the industry, and to your personal maturity as an artist.

4. We take pride in setting the standard for state of the art facilities. From Solid State Logic consoles in our recording studios to Mac only computer laboratories. In the music and entertainment industry, the tools matter. We are proud to use the best.

5. Our student-faculty ratio at Fermatta is 11 to 1. In our institution, 85% of our classes have fewer than 18 students.

6. The Fermatta Master Class Series. Our unique Master Class Program is designed as an incentive for Bachelor's and Master's Degree students to achieve the best academic performance possible, and serves as an acknowledgement of those who have excelled. Access to the Master Class is reserved for those students who distinguish themselves, and is offered at no cost to students or faculty.

Selected students and faculty are given the opportunity to attend and learn firsthand from renowned musicians, producers, engineers, executives and specialists. The program affords exposure to the unique knowledge and experience of these noted professionals, with the goal of exposing our students to music from around the world and encouraging them to adopt positive habits from the very beginning of their academic careers.

Distinguished Master Class Visiting Professors have included: Jack White, Steve Lukather (Toto), Steve Vai, Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Michael League (Snarky Puppy), Nathan East (Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, George Harrison, Phil Collins), Esperanza Spalding, Allan Holdsworth and Chad Wackerman, Frank Gambale, Michael Manring, Meshell Ndegeocello, Marcus Miller (Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock), Bernard Fowler (The Rolling Stones), Stanley Jordan, Matt Sorum (Guns N Roses), to name a few.

7. Our campuses have welcomed students from around the globe. From Germany, France and Spain to Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Guatemala and as far away as India. Although classes are taught in Spanish, the content is designed for you to apply wherever you may practice as a professional musician.
At the Fermatta University Center we have a different approach when it comes to admitting student prospects.

This is a BIG decision in your life. One of the most important that you and your parents or guardians will ever make. One of the most important reasons to get a bachelor degree is to better your chances of getting a good job. That is VERY important to us and it should be to you. Because most college educations are so expensive, it's important for you and your parents or guardians to see a good return on your and their investment not only monetarily but also investment in the time you will put in to get your degree.

Therefore it is important that we, you and us, are a right fit. The admissions process is free of charge. If we're not the right fit, we don't want to waste your time or valuable resources.

We are NOT looking for the best player, songwriter, arranger, composer or producer to come study here. We ARE looking for the hardest working, most disciplined students who want success after graduation.

1. Please send us your High School Transcript, we do NOT care about the SAT, PSAT or ACT score. It is your attendance and performance in class during your time in High School we take into account.

2. Please provide us with an essay with the following points:

A. Why you want to be a professional musician, composer, sound engineer, producer or music business professional.
B. Why you love music.
C. Your first memory of music as a child.
D. The top five musicians, bands or artists that inspire you the most today.
E. Why you think the Fermatta University Center is the right fit for you.
F. Why you think the Fermatta University Center should admit you as a student.

3. Please provide us with a  video or audio recording of your music. We are not judging talent, we just want to know more about you. We only want to hear one or two songs.

4. Should you pass the first 3 steps, you will have a video interview with an English speaking admissions counselor for your final approval.

To begin the admissions process, click here.

Merit Based Scholarship Programs for International Students

Two year Master's degree programs in Fermatta Music University Center

Master's in Film Scoring Master's in Orchestration Master's in Sound Design for Film, Television, Video Games & Internet Sound Master's in International Music & Entertainment Business Master's in Sound Engineering & Music Mixing

The Mexican people are rightly proud of their history and heritage, but we take special pride in our history of innovation in technology, manufacturing and education. This is not a new trend - for example, Mexico is home to the oldest University in North America. Located in Mexico City, the National University of Mexico was founded by Charles V of Spain in 1551, 225 years prior to the signing of the American Declaration of Independence. The first printing press employed in North America? Mexico City bears this honor as well, with Juan Pablos commencing work in 1539.

Moving into the 20th century, Mexican citizens have advanced the sciences in every field. A very short sample of these pioneers might include:

• Guillermo González Camarena - early color television transmission
• Luis Miramontes - co-inventor of a safe contraceptive pill
• Manuel González Flores - earthquake safe “control pilings” for buildings
• Mario J. Molina - Nobel Prize laureate in chemistry
• Arturo Rosenblueth - cybernetics study pioneer
• Guillermo Haro Barraza - co-discoverer of Herbig–Haro celestial objects

Mexico has rapidly become a global force in high tech education. Mexico is home to some of the most prestigious medical schools in the world. Many U.S. doctors have trained in Mexico, notably in Guadalajara. And many doctors from around the globe continue to choose Mexican institutions for their ongoing training.

Mexico is home to some of the newest and most advanced educational institutions in the world. Like the UAE, China and other countries, the government of Mexico has made a conscious choice to invest in educational infrastructure.

We believe that you will be pleasantly surprised by what our institution and our country can offer you.
While most of our students are fluent in Spanish, complete fluency is NOT a requirement. But being able to hold a conversation upon enrollment is. If you are not a fluent Spanish speaker and reading in Spanish is still difficult, we recommend preparing with a few months of an intensive Spanish language course, such as Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, Memrise, Babbel or others.

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Please note that the Fermatta campuses DO NOT include dormitories. We have chosen instead to focus our resources on providing the latest equipment and facilities required to offer a superior preparatory education for the global music business.  

You will find the cost of living in Mexico is quite affordable. Most of our international students live quite comfortably on less than $600 USD per month, including food and public transportation. Our admissions counselors are happy to provide assistance in locating student housing.
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